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It has been a busy old week, having booked a stand at the very last minute, we returned from the Medtec UK show today.  A slightly arduous journey back took a bit of the wind out of our sails, but fortunately not our sales (excuse that)

There were a lot of canvassers at the show, there as visitors only to try and sell their services, or as they try and term it “network” themselves without having paid to exhibit.  We were repeatedly asked if we were bored as it was so quiet and such a small show with only a small hall of exhibitors.  I suppose to prospectors like that, it was a waste of their time.  A long drive to find a hall full of 40 stands or so. 

However, we found it a really great show, as it was tied into some very interesting Health centric forums with some really good Key note speakers.  The type of people who were visiting the show were vastly different to those we have met at the Farnborough show.  Not better or worse, just different.  Some people were merely just interested in general manufacturing and how we are competing with China these days and are things improving.  Showing interest in talking to manufacturers which they aren’t themselves and only hear via the news headlines what is happening. 

Others had sketches and ideas for a product to help make their chosen profession easier, but not a clue how to get help or to do the manufacturing piece, let alone whether their concept was feasible. 

Young males and females, through to seasoned designers, Doctors and Senior Lecturers.  Research Students and laboratory assistants, we met them all this week.   

Obviously, we were there to try and promote our services and introduce ourselves properly to a new market, we did that and achieved some good leads we think.  

Now to catch up on the leads from the Southern Manufacturing show and get back into making bits!