Andel wins largest tooling project in its history

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Andel Plastics are proud to announce winning one of the largest tooling projects in their 41 year history.  With the added satisfaction that the components will go to their customer, manufacturing a product within the UK that had been lost overseas several years ago.  

Adding to UK manufacturings continuing #reshoring success by being the powerhouse of design and innovation projects. 

Win the awarding of the project to a UK business, Andel was awarded the contract to design and manufacture a suite of tools to manufacture twenty separate components. One of the largest projects handed to them in their 41 year history of supplying precision complex tooling. 

Graham Robinson, Managing Director who worked with the customer on securing the project said he was "Extremely excited" to see this project landed within the UK, and with Andel as the manufacturing partner for the plastic components. "I've worked on these parts for over 30 years and seen them move abroad over time, so it's great to see one come back home to the UK business, who used to be the world leaders"

The end user being a prestige automotive customer, there are hopes for stronger links to be forged over the project.